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New York Fashion Week: Y-3

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Our friends over at Racked NY are currently in the thick of New York Fashion Week, and we'll be posting some highlights of their coverage. This time around: Sporty experimentation from Y-3.

Show Location: Park Avenue Armory at Park Avenue and East 66/67th Streets
The skinny: Yohji Yamamoto's line for Adidas is usually full of drop-crotch pants, black with bursts of vibrant color, and some playful androgyny, but each season brings something new. This time: a huge soccer influence with World Cup coming up.
Celebs spotted: Leigh Lezark, Russell Simmons, Tavi, Cory Kennedy, Rufus Wainwright, The Cobrasnake, Jesus Luz (Madonna's boyfriend and a model in the show), Yohji Yamamoto himself, and French soccer star Zinedine Zidane.
The takeaway: Zinedine Zidane is a fine specimen of man. Unlike Jesus Luz, who walked wearing one look and was definitely not among the top male models in the show. As for the clothes, it was like Yohji looked at a soccer net for a period of time, and just let his mind imagine clothing made from it in every possible way. Full tubes of net encased models in black and even hot pink, but there were the standard nylon jackets and dressy sweats which make the line wearable for everyday.

The colors used this season to accent the trademark Yohji jet black were fiery orange, red and a dash of pea green. A Chanel-inspired jacket made the runway, as Yohji loves to inject this into each collection, and big chunky scarves, leather jackets and plaid also appeared?a surprise for a spring/summer collection. Let's hope it's a blustery spring.

Just before the finale, Yohji himself stepped out to present Zidane with a gold soccer ball, when they then walked to a net descended from the ceiling, cordoning off the photographer pit from the runway. Yohji and Zidane each kicked a ball at a photographer pulled from the pit to act as goalkeeper, and Zidane's kick hit home to some a roar of applause from the audience. A huge audience for a huge space for a huge collection from a hugely influential designer; we freaking loved it.

5:15pm: I'm here at the Park Avenue Armory. It's a huge venue like Y-3 loves to do, and gorgeous—the floor is like a stripped basketball court but green.

5:18pm: It's going to get verrrry bright in here when the show starts. Should have brought sunglasses.

5:20pm: Leigh Lezark is in gray Herve right in front of me. She has tan lines.

5:21pm: They are bringing celebs out from backstage one by one and introducing them to the paparazzi. Smart—this way it's not just a big clusterfuck.

5:25pm: Tavi brought out before Cory Kennedy. They are sitting to either side of Rufus Wainwright. And here's Russell Simmons avec bodyguard and nephew.

5:30pm: The Cobrasnake had to wake extra early this morning to achieve a look this doofy. He and Lezark are running around.

5:36pm: Bill Cunningham!

5:38pm: OK, it's about to start. This seat is awesome. They're beginning with the national anthem playing!

5:40pm: Each outfit has a small patch with a different country's flag. Thus far: Spain and Germany.

5:44pm: Colors are sage, drab, pea green. Mesh skirts like nets. And they're playing Michael Jackson: "Bad."

5:45pm: Everyone is in full nets, some over swimsuits. I'm seeing a burst of construction, orange ripstop nylon.

5:48pm: From orange to vibrant red to plaid! For spring! Music, by the way, is alternating between MJ and national anthems.

5:51pm: Culotte capris—loose, like a skirt.

5:52pm: They dropped a net and a team of models appears to kick a soccer ball into it. At a paparazzo pulled from the pit.

5:53pm: Yohji Yamamoto is here, also kicking soccer balls into the net with the paparazzo.

5:56pm: OMG. Yohji Yamamoto kicked soccer balls at a paparazzo. Right in front of the pit, with a net they dropped as the only protection.

5:59pm: OK, it's over.

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