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New York Fashion Week: Carlos Miele

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Our friends over at Racked NY are currently in the thick of New York Fashion Week, and we'll be posting some highlights of their coverage.This time around: Sexy looks from Brazilian designer Carlos Miele.

Show Location: Bryant Park, The Promande
The skinny: Carlos Miele brings his Brazilian heritage to designs of utterly sexy, and extremely red carpet-friendly looks. Too bad this was a Monday morning 10am show, because it seemed like many guests skipped.
Celebs spotted: Hamish Bowles
The takeaway: The seats lain with issues of Vogue Brasil set the tone, which was to be a vibrant celebration of Brazilian sexiness, but with enough class and taste to make a Vogue photo spread shine. Gowns were flowy and minidresses were as mini as you can go without being a swimsuit, and our seat offered us a perfect view of Carlos backstage, giving final touches to his designs.

10:59am: Still outside, waiting to be seated. A guy just walked in wearing one of the loosely knit Rodarte sweaters. Or a knock-off.

11:12am: Just saw the pink-and-black McQueen for Target scarf. And the Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes. OK, now Hamish Bowles is heading in to the show.

11:29am: Swag is an issue of Vogue Brasil.

11:30am: It's starting! First colors are pink and white—mini-dresses.

11:32am: Make that VERY mini.

11:34am: The music is very Brazilian, with an occasional gym whistle. Now we're seeing snake print.

11:38am: Now lots of black party dresses with a touch of metallic embellishment and fringe.

11:45am: And it's over. Last gowns had marbly, flowy fabric.