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New York Fashion Week: Canvas Comes To Jenni Kayne

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Our friends over at Racked NY are currently in the thick of New York Fashion Week, which kicked off yesterday morning. We'll be posting some highlights of their coverage, but for the full scoop, click here

It was our first big presentation of the Fashion Week, and already it was starting late. Granted, Jenni Kayne's Spring/Summer 2010 show was squeezed into a small retail space on Mercer in Soho, but with all the parties that happened last night, we had hoped things would have been snappier.

Once inside, Jenni's designs showed on a set of several models, who began in cream canvas ensembles, then changed to a bright canary, and finally concluded in blacks and greys for the non-California crowd. Speaking of the West Coast, we have a feeling that these looks would do best there, what with the bare midriffs and bustier tops paired with pleated shorts. On the other hand, that slouchy black boyfriend blazer positively reeks of downtown NYC, only now, not in spring.

And, if we can, a prediction for the rest of Fashion Week: we bet those round-framed glasses will pop up frequently, and you can thank Lady Gaga.
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