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Tyra Maul

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The CW is continuing its assault on retail spaces across town, this time in honor of The Tyra Banks Show. Just as it did for the Melrose Place ad blitz a few weeks ago, the network has plastered a vacant West 3rd Street storefront in Tyra Show campaign photos, while placing Tyra-branded doormats in front of every shop on the street (without permission). An angry shopkeeper vented to Blackburn and Sweetzer: "Besides this being an incredibly wasteful form of advertising, it is also obnoxious. What lunatic advertising executive thinks anyone of us would keep these ugly things in our doorways! I’m asking my neighbors to photograph the doormats in their trashcans and then send them to KTLA" Now that's a picture we'd like to see on an empty building. [Blackburn and Sweetzer]