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Launches and Releases: Palladium Boots March Into Fred Segal

Palladium boots at Conveyor Fred Segal
Palladium boots at Conveyor Fred Segal

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There's been much buzz around the blogosphere that Palladium boots—those canvas high-tops with the rugged rubber sole—have relaunched across the land for Fall. In addition to a hefty publicity effort, the brand is also going all out with their in-store merchandising, as illustrated in this image from Conveyor at Fred Segal. An entire wall has been plastered in photos from the current ad campaign, which features "modern-day explorers" trekking through unlikely terrains in their Palladiums (apparently, these explorers are partial to abandoned buildings). In addition, we're also told customers will be getting a 32-page photo magazine revolving around the exploratory theme. We get where they're coming from—after all, the shoes were originally designed for the French Foreign Legion— but whenever we see them, we still can't help thinking of seventh grade and sunflower-printed babydoll dresses.
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