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Hangover Observations: Lindsay Lohan Gives Us a Crash Course in Leggings Design at Revolve

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It was impossible to miss the signs screaming "NO CAMERAS" at Revolve Clothing's launch party for a pop-up dedicated to Lindsay Lohan's 6126 leggings line and Sevin Nyne spray tan—so, unfortunately, you'll have to make do with some furtive cell phone shots of the scene. A crush of celebrity media, scenesters, fashion types and even a few lucky children were on hand to catch a glimpse of the actress-turned-style mogul, who showed up an hour before the party was due to end.

As expected, the petulant-looking starlet didn't exactly mingle with the commoners when she got there—about 20 minutes before she arrived, guests were instructed to clear a path around the door, through which she was promptly ushered behind a rack of leggings, obscured from public view by a cluster of minders and friends (including little sister Ali), and let loose just long enough to take a photo with surprise guest Mario Lopez. We aren't sure what happened after that, since we made our exit as she was heading towards the logo board, but we have a feeling she wasn't dancing on any tabletops or taking a turn behind the DJ booth (sorry).

The starlet's fashionably late arrival, however, did leave us plenty of time to scrutinize the racks of leggings. We never dreamed that there were so many ways one could interpret stretch pants, and we've outlined a few of our learnings below. Their price tags seemed kind of irrational to us—hovering around $100 per pair—but several partygoers we spoke with said they had pairs of their own, so we suppose that means she's on to something.

RULE # 1: LOOK OUTSIDE FASHION FOR INSPIRATION: Lohan appeard to be taking notes from the hair world with a pair we dubbed the "mullet" legging—solid black in the front (business), sheer lace in the back (party).

RULE # 2: BORROW FROM THE BOYS: We didn't mind a tuxedo style with satin stripe running down the side—however, we did mind a disconcertingly thin fabric, which would prevent any boys from borrowing them back.

RULE # 3: EXOTIC ANIMALS ARE YOUR FRIENDS: One of the more eye-catching pairs we spotted had holes and ribbing of various sizes, covered in sheer fabric—a companion likened it to "dinosaur skin"

RULE # 4: JEGGINGS COME IN MANY GUISES: We didn't care for a pair with a foldover waistband, in an unflatteringly bright (and thick) shade of blue denim, with zippers running up to the knees— however, a slightly better version was cut in a standard legging shape, with blue and white material marled to look denim-esque from a distance.

RULE #5: TAKE CUES FROM THE '80s: Namely, stirrup pants—we can only hope these aren't as useless and unflattering as they were in the '80s.

...AND THE '70s: Think a bell-bottomed pair crafted in a chunky, ribbed knit. Here's hoping this one doesn't catch on.
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