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Miley and Max

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Miley Cyrus and Max Azria's joint collection for Wal-Mart is officially up for grabs on the retailer's website, an effort to bring what Cyrus calls an "edgy, UK style" to the middle American masses. We aren't quite sure what trendy London girls would think of a Union Jack-emblazoned t-shirt, stirrup pants (!!), and a slightly incongruous ruffled blouse—obviously, Max Azria had to get his stamp in there somewhere between the "liquid leggings" and purple skinny jeans. We also don't really get why there are so many basic tanks and tees, when Wal-Mart carries more than enough of those already. Either way, the collection is definitely a step up from the retailer's typical junior department offerings, so we guess we've got to give them props for that. [People StyleWatch]