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Launches & Releases: Intuition's Jaye Hersh Celebrates Her Literary Debut

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Intuition boutique owner Jaye Hersh took over Barnes & Noble at The Grove last night to talk with press about her new book Hollywood Intuition: a guide to following your gut while developing your sense of style.

Following the concept that most women can identify with leading lady types, six different style personalities are presented— kind of like a Myers Briggs-esque series of quizzes that determine your dominant, secondary and tertiary movie star styles (Fashionista, Bohemian Princess, Rock-n-Roller, etc.) According to Hersh, “The reason I originally had done the book was to talk about immersing my Target line and making celebrity looks approachable to the Target guests, and so as a result of that I wanted to be able to give the customer a companion to take home with them to understand how to do everything."

She adds: "You can still have fun with this and not take it so seriously. There are all these different stylists and people who are experts out there. Especially in Hollywood, everybody is a stylist. So for me, I wanted to be able to give the practical information that I thought everybody knew, then I find out everyday that they don’t know. And I found it out by being in people’s closets.”

Hersh went on to explain how her fashion insight brought Intuition out of her car and into its current Pico Blvd. location. “When I wake up I just try and do it better everyday and think about how I can stay relevant every day. As far as Intuition is concerned, we try and have things that you don’t find somewhere else, so there’s a reason to come to us. I try to go against the grain because it’s really hard to compete with all the department stores that are marking things down everyday. The snob appeal of having the exclusiveness of a brand or a line is wearing off and is not so important. And I think a lot of higher end boutiques define themselves by the collection they have and don’t think about the practicality. “
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