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Above the Fray: Chaos Reigns at the Planet Blue Pop-Up Sale

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As we briefly mentioned last week, Planet Blue has opened a temporary outlet store in the former home of The Closet, located directly across the street from their Main Street location in Venice. We popped by on Sunday to find a scene of frenzied chaos, with shoppers tearing through the rails of past-season merch all marked down a flat 75% off.

The sheer amount of stuff on offer means you'll probably need at least an hour to browse—brands like See by Chloe, Graham and Spencer, Rory Beca, Issa London and Yaya Aflalo are all mixed together on packed rolling racks, with the average post-markdown price for womenswear ranging between $35-$75. The majority of pieces fall in the XS-S size range, and a lot of the items look like they've been in storage for a while, but it's nothing a once-over with a steamer can't fix. Staffers tell us that there are still a host of boxes that haven't yet been unpacked, and while they aren't sure exactly how long the sale will be on, it could be as long as three whole months.

Although the front of the shop is a bombardment of dresses and tops, there are shelves full of $45 jeans further back in the space—we spotted Rich and Skinny, Denim of Virtue and Dittos in the mix, although it was hard to tell which sizes were most strongly represented because the piles had been so ravaged. Upstairs, however, was a much calmer scene, with neat rails of mens' shirts and jackets by 191 Unlimited, What Comes Around Goes Around, and James Perse, and tidy stacks of jeans by brands like Tsubi. There's also a preponderance of sweats for $20 under Planet Blue's in-house Blue Life label, and a small selection of women's shoes, mostly by Modern Vintage. Overall, it's definitely worth a poke around if you've got time and patience—had we a little more of both, we probably would have walked away with a few hidden gems.
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