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Storecasting: The Great Silver Lake Ex-Video Store Mystery, Solved

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There's been much speculation around Silver Lake over the fate of the former Video Market space, which has been undergoing renovations for the past several months. One theory that's been tossed around is that a hair salon is coming in—a guess that's been confirmed with this photo, sent in by a Racked informant.

Further digging has revealed that the new salon, Natural Mind Hair & Art Gallery, is due to open during the first week of September, at the hands of Parisian transplant Arnaud Ozharun. A post on the Silver Lake News site offers the following preview of this new arrival:

A massive space with a beauty bazaar-type feel, this salon will offer A-typical services with an A+ in innovation. Would you like beautiful quality extensions in 15 minutes? Check. Do you want your energy read while you wait for your stylist? Check. Do you want your brows and nails done while you wait for your color to process (because time is of the essence for the modern woman)? Check. Add to this, the beauty of the art installations by local artists on the walls and the overall cozy feeling of an artist’s colony, and you will have not just your hair blown, but your mind too!

We're excited to check it out for that zingy last line alone.
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