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Lineblogging: A Convention of Shoppers Gather for the Barneys Warehouse Sale

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Whether you love the rush or prefer to find your bargains online (without flying elbows), there's no question that the semi-annual Barney's Warehouse Sale is one of the most hotly anticipated events on an LA bargain-hunter's calendar. The fall sale, which is being held at the LA Convention Center, kicks off at 8am, and a special Racked correspondent is on the scene to document the madness. Witness as she braves the line in real time:

7:22: I'm here! there are prolly 50 peeps in front of me.

7 30 Tons of girls are sitting around - it seems Starbucks is the new accessory to have this season. no sign of doors opening yet, but we do have another half hour

7:35: Wow, amid the fashionistas, one dude, bedecked in gym shorts and an ankle pedometer, looks like he ran here. Maybe his girlfriend sent him.

7:40: In the span of ten minutes it seems, the line of Barney's devotees has snaked its way toward the convention's front.

7:47: Probably 100 people in line now -- Everyone is pretty mellow, chatting among themselves or sipping coffee while waking up to the smell of Barneys

7:50: Billie Holiday's "God Bless the Child" is playing in the convention center somewhere, the crowd seems pretty content to wait ten more minutes

7:55 a.m. The line keeps growing! But looks like we're going in finally! I keep hearing "Welcome to Barney's" and the sounds of girls in heels running inside.