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Above the Fray: A Surprisingly Civil Scene at the Barneys Warehouse Sale

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Whether you love the rush or prefer to find your bargains online (without flying elbows), there's no question that the semi-annual Barney's Warehouse Sale is one of the most hotly anticipated events on an LA bargain-hunter's calendar. The fall sale, which is being held at the LA Convention Center, kicked off at 8am, and a special Racked correspondent is on the scene to document the madness. She already braved the line, now watch as she reports on thescene inside. Stay tuned for constant updates as the morning unfolds:

7:56: On line mate tells me "I've never been here but I'm starting with the denim!"

8:00: Everyone's coffees seemed to have kicked in at the women's shoes. Bags are provided. Nice.

8:09 Couple girls here have so many shoes stuffed in their plastic bags, the heels are stabbing holes in the plastic.

8:12: Tons of girls, dressed in downtown business attire, look like they are coming in right before work. Guess that's one benefit to moving the sale out of Santa Monica.

8:15: Over in menswear, A great myriad of Tod Baker, Barney's New York and Ferragamo ties - too bad my boyfriend doesn't do ties. One sign reads, "mismatched suits will not be sold." Choose wisely men.

8:20: One eight-year-old holds up a Lanvin blouse in the mirror, and tells it, "yep, perfect!" Gee, they start young now, don't they?

8:23: One girl muses over the bags to her girlfriend, "This place is so civil compared to the last time."