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Above the Fray: A Commenter Weighs In on the Barney's Warehouse Sale

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A commenter has returned from the Barneys Warehouse Sale's first hours, and has been quick to post about about her experience—namely, a rash of damaged bags and a less shopper-friendly parking situation. She writes:

I miss Santa Monica. Parking was free and closer to the entrance. I was there by 7:00 AM and about 10 people in front of me. I thought the prices were still pretty high, considering it's a recession and there are other competing sales going on throughout the year. But I did find a Balenciaga silk dress for $299 from $995 and there was a LOT of stuff! I went straight for the bags but they were "as is"/damaged, and they weren't even marked down more from the real Barney's sale in its last week, and women were grabbing like crazy at the table. A woman snatched a black Givenchy from my hands which still went for $1299 and IT WAS DAMAGED! They had black Goyard for $799 from $949 still damaged. I just thought it was ridiculous b/c I found perfect bags at the real Barneys for the same prices. Whatever. If the sale stays at LA CC, I don't know if I"ll keep going and I've been going for like that last 10 years.

The same commenter goes on to say that she "found lower prices at Saks sale this past week"—but, as always, prices at the Barneys sale will drop as the days go on, so it may be worth waiting for that pair of Miu Miu pumps you may be eyeing.
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