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Above the Fray: Lessons Learned at the Barneys Warehouse Sale

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Our special Racked operative has infiltrated the Barneys Warehouse Sale and come out the other side, armed with a wealth of wisdom to impart upon future sale-goers. Her tips are below—and, as always, if you've got any of your own, take them to the comments! As a reminder, the sale's on for the next ten days, and we'll be sure to let you know when the further reductions begin:

SKIP THE BAG TABLE: "Spend 10 minutes max with bags, which unfortunately are definitely lacking this year (really, just one table?)". Plus, a commenter noted earlier that the handbag discounts were disappointing, and a lot of damaged merch was spotted.

COMB CAREFULLY THROUGH WOMENSWEAR: "The women fashion selections unquestionably outdo their male counterparts...Granted, some items were still priced upwards of $400 (ahem, originally worth $900-$1,000), but I did see stuff as low as $29."

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE TAILORS: "If you do venture to Mens, I suggest going directly to the suit aisles and taking advantage of the uber-polite tailors there. Whenever I walked by that area, I kept hearing tailors talking at length about styles and sizes, and suit-seekers replying, “Thank you, you were so helpful.” That’s a good sign."

LARGER SHOE SIZES SURE TO SCORE: "For those who wear larger-sized shoes (no shame, ladies), this is the place for you – the section that was most intact when I left (and with the heftiest collection) was size 9 and above."

BE NICE, BUT FIRM: "Lastly, even though it wasn’t a mad house, I have to say there were a handful of women I ran into who weren’t afraid to move my pile, just to get to my sales rack. Lesson learned: Skip the shoving, but don’t be afraid to squeeze your way into a cramped Rag & Bone corner if you spot that perfect blouse. "
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