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Protesting the Pink Princess

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Following our recent report on Kira Plastinina's revival, several commenters expressed their displeasure at the company's return. Particularly upset are those who are still owed money from the company's first go-round in the US, and last week, a group of them took to the streets of Robertson in protest. The picketers, from Tom Rectenwald Construction, claim the company owes them $2.5 million for building eight of its original stores. Co-owner Aaron Rectenwald tells WWD: “The point of all this is that there are still people suffering because of what [the company] did...We haven’t gotten the attention of management yet so we’ll be coming back until we do.” Kira Plastinina's US arm filed for bankruptcy in December, and the new stores are operating through a Russian-based company called Pink Square. [WWD, Previously]