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Launches & Releases: Hollywood Intuition for Target (Or, An Ode to Lauren Conrad)

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This Sunday, Intuition owner Jaye Hersh's accessories collection for Target, aptly named Hollywood Intuition, will make its debut. As expected, we're underwhelmed—even the Target press release puts quotation marks around the descriptor "of the moment", since the moment they belong to is clearly a good three years in the past. A tote with a scarf pre-tied around the handle? Gigantic black sunglasses and elastic headbands, the likes of which Lauren Conrad popularized during her Laguna Beach days?

But if a recent WWD article is to be believed, Hersh may be right on time for her target audience. The story, which documents the popularity of California brands among midwesterners, say shoppers in middle America "wait from six months to a year to adopt the latest trends that have enticed Angelenos." Not to mention the combination of the Intuition name and a price list topping out under $30 will probably be quite the draw for suburban Life & Style readers across the nation. Even so, we think they at least deserve a few faux peacock feathers or pyramid studs.
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