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Special Report: More from the MJ Memorial

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Michael Jackson's memorial service has come to an end, and our intrepid correspondent sends further news of the proceedings. As we mentioned before, several fans chose to pay their respects through MJ-inspired fashion, but to our surprise, an even larger number didn't make any effort at all. "As you can see, a ton of people wore black, but an uncomfortably large amount of guests dresses in jeans, sneakers and cargo pants," she tells us. "It's a funeral! Put on some khakis!" At least the Jackson family were dressed right— Racked NY reports that Donatella Versace outfitted them for the service.

And, since this did happen at the Staples Center, there were plenty of opportunities to shop and eat hot dogs while waiting in line. "There were tons of people selling t-shirts, stickers, buttons etc," our reporter says. "Dozens of hot dog carts. You can't walk five feet without someone trying to sell you something." T-shirts appeared to be mostly indistinguishable from one another—black background, screen printed montage of Michael's many faces on the front—similar to the ones that have been hawked on Hollywood Boulevard for the past few weeks. But, in the end, those attempting to capitalize on the King of Pop's untimely demise didn't put a damper on what our correspondent calls a "powerful" experience inside.

Anyone else experience the spectacle in person? Why not tell us about it in the comments?

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