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In the Window, International Edition: Holt Renfrew's Blog Brigade

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Canadian department store Holt Renfrew has installed its fashion blogger-inspired window displays, and The Style Spy has managed to procure a few snaps. For the most part, the backdrops are made up of the bloggers' own collaged photography (or, in the case of Garance Doré, one of her illustrations). No details on the clothing itself, but it appears to be inspired by the general mood of each blog—so, suits in The Sartorialist's window, peacoats and shifts for Garance (which we found oddly formal), and very editor-esque bobbed wigs and big sunglasses for Jak & Jil. Interestingly enough, the reporter didn't get a shot of the Sea of Shoes window—perhaps her dalliance with Urban Outfitters left the Holt Renfrew execs a little cold?
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