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Warwick Replants Its After-Hours Vintage On Sunset

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Since relocating in mid-July to its new abode between Little Joy and Short Stop—a stone’s toss away from it’s former location on W. Sunset Boulevard—Echo Park's Warwick has become a neighborhood pleaser, particularly for local clubgoers. Often, that’s when you’ll find 27-year-old owner Justin Warwick chatting with late-night strollers. “We’re not just servicing the hipster community,” says Warwick, who sees his store as an opportunity to show local talent and attract outsiders to Echo Park. “We have a wide range of people that come in, from 16 to 60 years of age.”

Visitors to Warwick’s intimate, 288-square-foot space will espy a generous collection of local, consignment and restyled vintage pieces, from men’s vests to mid-century YSL sunglasses, mermaid switch-blade necklaces to housewares (hello, antler candlesticks). Warwick’s eclectic stock (rotated weekly) comes from years amassing goodies at flea markets, estate sales and travels to Spain and Graceland, where once he picked up a shirt by a Dolly Parton costume designer – an inspiration for his own bedazzled and fringed tees. The shop also exclusively stocks pieces from “Helen’s Closet”—dresses, lingerie, jewelry, even Halston and Valentino heels from the 1940s-1980s, that were collected by 97-year-old Helen Hurtes.

Warwick is also designed to exhibit community artists, including murals by graffiti artist Siggi and a Lucha Libra purse line by FIDM alum Joanna Oster. And beginning August 19 and continuing every third Wednesday of the month, Warwick, along with nearby K-9 Loft, Luxe De Ville, Lemon Frog, and Haute Olive, will host the area’s first hospitality night with a performance by Whiskey Circus. “I want to provide vintage product inspired by LA’s diverse scene, without it feeling like you’re walking into grandma’s house of junk,” Warwick says, smiling.Sarah McClure