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Tracksuits Take a Backseat at Juicy Couture

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Pieces from Bird, the future of Juicy Couture
Pieces from Bird, the future of Juicy Couture

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The velour tracksuit has long held diva status at Juicy Couture, but if founders Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy have their way, it'll soon be demoted to backup singer. In an interview with the LA Times, Nash-Taylor implies the duo never intended for the oft-mocked item to become so huge, saying "The most difficult thing about having a brand like Juicy, which becomes so successful and so iconic, is that your customers are a huge wave that pushes you in a certain direction." Adds Skaist-Levy, "We didn't start this to be a thing that teenagers were dying over...It's supposed to be casual luxury that's aspirational, so we're pulling back." According to the article, this means they'll be clamping down on "logos, embellishment, and things with a 'junior-y vibe," instead focusing on their darker, more upscale Bird label as a way to add "credibility" to the brand. As long as they keep their pant seats free of logos, they're already halfway there.
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