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Rumormongering: Is Violetgrace Making a Comeback on Melrose?

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During our near-daily drive past the corner of Melrose and La Brea, we spotted something we're pretty sure wasn't there last week—fresh-looking signage plastered on the window of the former Violetgrace boutique. A bit of backstory: the womenswear shop, which specialized in emerging designers, opened in August of 2007, then quietly shut its doors just over a year later. The space was leased a few months ago and, since then, this has really been the only sign of life we've seen. So, since the staffers at the neighboring Jiffy Lube and comic shop don't seem to have any intel, we're relying on you—is the boutique planning to stage a comeback? Or has this signage been there all along, proving that we're a lot less observant than we thought? To the comments!