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Barneys Warehouse Sale Moving to LA Convention Center

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As it turns out, even a hangar at the Santa Monica Airport isn't big enough to contain the hoards of Manolo-seeking missiles that descend upon the Barneys Warehouse Sale each year. We've just received word from Barneys that the biannual event will be moving to the LA Convention Center for its next go-round, scheduled for August 13-23. Barneys' Vice-President of Outlet and Warehouse Sales, Linda Du Plooy, tells us the Convention Center simply has more space and better amenities, noting "It's like going from coach to first class."

In addition to the LA upgrade, Barneys also tells us they're launching their first San Francisco sale this season, which will be starting this Thursday, July 30. If you think that means all of the size 4 Prada shifts will be picked over by the time the sale reaches LA, your worries are unfounded—Barneys assures us the LA sale comes from an entirely separate pool of merchandise, made up of stock from the Beverly Hills, Chicago and Las Vegas flagships.

San Francisco: July 30-August 9, Ft. Mason Center Herbst Pavilion
Los Angeles: August 13-August 23, LA Convention Center, South Hall
New York: August 20-September 7, 255 West 17th Street

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