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Designer Jared Gold Takes His Fashion Show on the Road

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The procession at Gold's last runway show in 2008
The procession at Gold's last runway show in 2008

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While most small fashion labels are struggling to put on even one show this season, LA's Jared Gold is planning to give his latest collection the traveling circus treatment. The experimental designer has announced plans for the "Runway Train Tour," which will take his theatrical show to cities around the "American West" (and yes, the crew is actually doing it all by train). Each event will be free and open to the public, featuring a pop-up boutique, work by local talent, and live music—all in the vein of Gold's last LA outing for his "Czarina" collection in early 2008.

Details of the tour are still under wraps, but all will be revealed this Thursday (July 30) at Club Social, during the launch of Gold's collaboration with artist Joshua Petker. The two have teamed up to create a collection in support of the American Artisan Foundation, which seeks to create fashion jobs within the US (the Runway Train Tour is also benefiting the organization). For tickets to Thursday's "Colored Gore Explosion" ($10) and a chance to accompany Gold and his crew on tour, visit the project's official website—after all, when else will you have the chance to feel the wind in your pink-and-green hair from the open rails?
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