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Fashion Twits: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

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It's time again for Fashion Twits, a feature where we cull intriguing and/or delightfully mundane fashion world tweets for public perusal.

@refinery29: "There's a museum of counterfeit fashion goods in Paris. Strangely, admission is not half the price of entry to a real museum."

@bryanboy: "gotta love gurls who use bangles as hoop earrings. priceless."

@acontinuouslean "Why is it I like Miami Vice (the movie)? There is something wrng with me. But seriously, the go fast boats are gangster."

@facehunter: "My mom says she loves to stalk me on Twitter. Sweet"

@WhitneyEVE: " - Mmm la scala soup! I love eating with baby spoons"

Judging from the Twitter, we get the impression that maybe, just maybe, Diddy appeared on Alexa Chung's MTV show this morning. See for yourself:

@ItsOnAlexa: "Diddy still not here. Classic Diddy"

@ItsOnAlexa: "Still no Diddy........."

@ItsOnAlexa: "'Realistic ETA' for Diddy-'less than 5 minutes.' Place your bets"

@ItsOnAlexa: "Still no diddy....."

@ItsOnAlexa: "NO BITCHASSNESS! Diddy is here. 20 seconds to live"