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Don't Stop Shopping, Plea Fashion Bloggers

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Oh boy. Blog network the Style Coalition just released the video above, in which the women behind sites like Second City Style and She Finds explain why, now more than ever, it's vitally important for us to spend money on Manolo Blahniks. The video, modeled on the celebrity-heavy "Don't Vote" clip that circulated before the election, features the bloggers mimicking arguments against shopping, before switching their tune and arguing earnestly that if we don't buy things, the fashion industry is doomed. It ends with them begging us to email the video to five friends, in hopes that it will inspire a viral shopping movement.

Obviously the fashion industry is hurting, and nobody wants to see boutiques disappear or creative young designers fail. But when the video offers up NYC's Fashion Week as an example of what we might collectively lose if we don't whip out our wallets, it makes us wonder just a tad about the intended audience and beneficiaries of this campaign. Seriously, unemployed people, why aren't you spending money? The future of our Fashion Weeks is at stake!
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