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Juicy Couture: Primed for World Domination?

Juicy Plywood, 2008. Image via <a href="">ATHLETE Director Dave</a>/flickr
Juicy Plywood, 2008. Image via ATHLETE Director Dave/flickr

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Now that the velour tracksuit has become something of a fashion punchline, many might think that Juicy Couture—the brand that owes its fame to that single item—would be heading down with it. But not so, according to company president Edgar Huber—in fact, if he has his way, the brand will be worth multi-billions in the not-so-distant future. In an interview with WWD, he reveals that the LA-based label will be opening a massive 25 freestanding stores and 18 outlets worldwide within the next six months, including five in Dubai, two in Greece, one in London, and two in California (Palo Alto and Roseville, to be exact).

A new line of travel products is in the works, to be sold in duty-free stores and in-flight catalogs, as is a new higher-end label called Bird, which we previewed last week, and a new chain of intimates stores. While this kind of expansion may seem to be at odds with the current spending climate, Huber says “The stores are a huge benefit. We need our stores to be our opportunity to express to the world who we are...I really believe that we can be that splash of color in a gloomy [sic] .” Because cotton-candy pink and rhinestones really do heal all ills.
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