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Now Open: American Apparel Malibu Taps Artist to Recreate Iconic Mural

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American Apparel have taken their mesh-panelled bodysuits to the seaside, launching a "pit-stop" just north of Topanga State Beach on the PCH. But it's more than just the oceanfront views and the promise of bike shorts that's piqued our interest about the brand's newest outpost—the freshly painted mural atop the storefront turns out to be steeped in local lore. As the brand tells us, this space once housed the Stewart Surf Shop, owned by "famous board shaper and surfer" Bill Stewart. 13 years ago, he painted a massive wave on the front of his store, a beacon which, in recent years, became faded and covered in graffiti. When American Apparel took over the space, they enlisted Stewart to come back and recreate his mural, which is now presiding over the parking lot. Our hearts are duly warmed.