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Now Open: Propr Premieres on Abbot Kinney

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Just months after launching launching their first collection at New York Fashion Week, Propr designers David Bedwell, David Arquette and Ben Harper have opened a standalone store on Abbot Kinney. Although the line's sold at places like Fred Segal and Bloomingdales, this is the only place the entire men's and women's collections can be found in their entirety, along with books, CDs, art and ephemera handpicked from the designers' homes (including more than one of Harper's guitars)

The clothes themselves have a quirky, '60s feel that jibes perfectly with the retro decor. The women's collection, which is 100% organic, brings to mind Zooey Deschanel with its sweetly ruffled shirtdresses, crisp trench coats, and lightweight shorts suits. The men's line, on the other hand, is the embodiment of offbeat preppiness, combining seersucker shorts with colorful button downs and a particularly lovely plum blazer. No surprise, then, that co-designer Bedwell has played key roles with Ralph Lauren's RRL line, Gap, and, most recently, Original Penguin.

We were kind of surprised to learn that, just before our visit, Arquette himself was screenprinting tees on the back patio. But Bedwell tells us that both Arquette and Harper have been very hands-on throughout the entire process, and that we can expect them to be putting in a lot of face time at the new shop. "We've been pretty quiet about the celebrity involvement angle," Bedwell tells us. "We don't think the world needs another celebrity-driven brand." We have to agree with him—but, then again, not many celebrity-driven brands make clothes like this.
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