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Above the Fray: A Civilized Scene at Steven Alan

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Yesterday, we previewed Steven Alan's massive bi-annual sale, discovering great deals for men and a wide selection for ladies. Today, we're back at Hillhurst Avenue for the sale's official opening, where we're liveblogging the scene. Will Alan's clean-cut fans behave themselves, or are we going to see fisticuffs over the button-downs? Stay tuned...

8:12am: It's pretty quiet—only two people waiting so far!

8:19am: OK, the line has grown. There are now about six girls and five guys. Several are reading books; I have a feeling this will be fairly civilized!

8:23am: It's obvious what sale we're at. Lots of customers are actually wearing Steven Alan.

8:24am: We're in! Almost everyone went straight for the Steven Alan side first. There are only two women in the room with the other designers.

8:26am: Wow, it looks like a lot more people when you actually get inside.

8:28am: Ooh, smart idea: A girl started grabbing larger boys' sizes, which are about $30 cheaper.

8:36am: Everyone's definitely going for the shirts, except for one guy who walked in and went straight for the boxer shorts saying, "I gotta get me some drawers."

8:38am: I've never seen this many guys at a sample sale, and they're carrying piles bigger than the girls!

8:51am: There's a bunch of Lake and Stars stuff! I didn't see this yesterday. $55 for a onesie, $40 for a chemise, $12 for undies and $35 for bras—great deals.

8:57am: Next door is still crazy. They told me today is the busiest day, so it probably won't let up anytime soon. Meanwhile, the line for checkout is out the door and Steven Alan himself is here. I just lost sight of him, but he was helping out on the sales floor.

9:06am: And we're out. A couple final things: One, they have backstock, at least for the Steven Alan stuff—the upper level is filled with shirts, and in fact they're already restocking right now. Two, merch from the other designers will be sent back after Saturday, so Sunday will be Steven Alan only. And three, don't go expecting prices to drop—according to people working the sale, they'll stay the same throughout.

9:12am: Wait! Breaking! Another salesperson said re price drops (and we quote) "You never know. Sometimes there are surprises." We'll keep you posted, naturally.

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