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Cartier's Crazy, Awesome 100th Birthday Exhibit on Rodeo Drive

Images via the <a href=";blogid=1342">Chic Leak</a>
Images via the Chic Leak

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Cartier is celebrating 100 years of operating in the United States, and as befits a century-old dowager, the company's revealing a few latent eccentricities. The Chic Leak reports some amazing items on display at the Rodeo Drive store, which is holding a special centenary exhibit through June 14:

There are pieces that speak of trends; socialite Daisy Fellowes helped popularize the “tutti frutti” look of jewelry that uses a mix of colored gems.0 bottle clock There are items that illustrate how the other half lived—do you know anyone whose lipstick case bears the flag of their yacht? But the flat-out odd pieces were the ones that charmed me most because they show the playful side of the famed jewelry house. I mean, a moon landing commemorative piece in gold? A clock inside a bottle of Old Granddad whisky, created to celebrate the end of Prohibition? That’s just ill.
This is essentially the luxury-house equivalent of buying yourself a gigantic pair of Carrie Donovan sunglasses and a pair of Great Danes to scandalize your grandchildren, and we wholly approve.
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