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Catsuit Controversy: More on Susie Bubble's Embargoed Fitting Room Photos

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Another of the catsuit shots
Another of the catsuit shots

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British fashion blogger Susie Bubble popped up in the comments section of Racked NY to address some remaining concerns about her tussle with designer Pam Hogg, who was not pleased when Bubble posted some photos of herself trying on a catsuit in Hogg's London boutique. Hogg is "actually a hero of mine," she writes. Also:

I'm not so deluded as to think that all designers will like or even know what the blog is all about and take to my wearing their clothes in a positive manner. That is their choice and their prerogative. Hence why I complied and took down the pictures. It's not an isolated incident but the reason why I chose to post this particular one because it was rather like having an idol telling you to fuck off.
Meanwhile, blog Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too posted the best response we've seen to the whole debacle: An illustration of the site's author wearing the catsuit in question. Will we see similar pictures pop up on other pro-Bubble blogs? Grassroots action!

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