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Celeb Collabs: Kanye Moves Quickly From Nike to Louis Vuitton

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Good old Kanye West may have gotten rid of his nubby mullet, but his Louis Vuitton shoe collaboration soldiers on as the first good lifestyle shots of the shoes surface. Although the line of $700+ "kicks" were supposed to debut this month, the rumors now revolve around "late 2009" despite them being labeled as Spring/Summer 2009 shoes.

The shots above, produced by La MJC of Paris, finally give an up-close and on-the-feet look at what has become known as Kanye's magnum opus endeavor in fashion. Sorry, Nike's Air Yeezys, but he just wasn't that into you.

We doubt that urban French hipsters will afford these shoes, let alone dare to flaunt them on a park bench like they have nothing better to do than flaunt their Kanye shoes. Don't they have jobs to go to so that they can pay their credit card bills? We digress.

Back to the shoes: looking at the styles, it's clear that Kanye learned everything from Ato Matsumoto and Raf Simons archives and nothing from the present. The shoes are best classified as "mixed media" and perhaps most suitable for brunches at Freemans focused around business card exchange and inductions of yachting club commodores in LA.

Shore up the sidewalks outside of NYC Vuitton stores whenever they finally release. What do you think of them? Will you be among the many to camp out for a shot at dropping near a grand on them? If you'd like more information before forming an opinion, you can find pictures of Kanye coloring in outlines here and talking about his one inspiration for the collection?the movie "Dune"?here.
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