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Melrose Place Preview

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Sad but true—we're more than a little stoked for Melrose Place to make a comeback this fall, so were excited to see that WWD had gotten a sneak preview of the first episode. They're staying tight-lipped on the plot details, only stating that there's "very little sex" served up alongside the melodrama and backstabbing. In new-90210 fashion, a few of the former characters make comebacks— namely, Dr. Michael Mancini and Sydney Masters, who is now the building's new landlord—and most of the other roles are played by newcomers, with Ashlee Simpson-Wentz by far the most recognizable name of the lot. WWD's final verdict? "So far, we all agree that it's not quite the original. Does that mean we aren't anxious for the second episode? Abolutely not." [WWD Blog]