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Satine Sneak Preview

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The owner of Satine's new digs took Blackburn & Sweetzer on a brief tour of the property, revealing a space even more humongous than it looks from the outside. According to Tasha, the two-level boutique boasts high ceilings, several distinct "rooms" for shopping, a statement staircase and spacious fitting rooms. Along with neighboring restaurants Little Next Door and Doughboys, which the blog claims is set to reopen under the same property owner (Charlie Jacob of AJ Morgan), Satine "will be a definite draw to the area. It will also extend the walkability on the area, connecting the Joan’s on Third/Toast/Hillary Rush et al. blocks to west to the Quality/AOC/Trina Turk etc. blocks to the east." [B+S]

Satine Boutique

8134 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048 Visit Website