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Launches & Releases: Juicy Couture Attempts Edginess with Bird

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Juicy Couture is in the awkward position of having achieved wild success for something that is, by all measurements, no longer cool. The people behind the brand know it, and their latest offshoot is an attempt to move as far as possible from the days of the luxury tracksuit. Called Bird, the new line aims to clothe the Juicy girl's edgy older sister, or possibly the Juicy girl herself after she's left for college and discovered that she really likes Joy Division. Practically everything in the collection is black or gray, and all of the tops have thumb-holes (useful when the world is so cruel that you just want to retreat into your sleeves.) There are many webby sweaters and deconstructed layers, and one pair of very expensive leather leggings.

In general, the price point hovers in the $300s, which we can't help but notice is roughly what you'd pay for a certain other dark, deconstructed line that just debuted. Did you ever think we'd live to see a Comme des Garçons–inspired Juicy collection? Because come August, when Bird hits stores, that day will finally be here.
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