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Murakami's Louis Vuitton Print Goes to Court

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A Murakami shopping bag at last year's Brooklyn Museum exhibit
A Murakami shopping bag at last year's Brooklyn Museum exhibit

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Clint Arthur is an LA butter mogul who's suing Louis Vuitton after learning that a Murakami print he bought at an art museum was really just a framed scrap of handbag leather. In April, an LA judge threw out Arthur's first suit, but last Wednesday a District Court sided with him in his second attempt, a class action suit, meaning that Louis Vuitton will have to defend itself in court starting at the end of August.

Explains the blog Transracial, "The case could prove costly to Vuitton if they lose. Although the pieces ran roughly $6,000 each, Vuitton is said to have made some $4 million from the sale and California law provides for damages of up to three times sales figures." Which would only be fair to those poor souls who thought they were buying Contemporary Art, and not just a cleverly repurposed scrap of material presented in a way that makes an aesthetically pleasing statement about commerce and society.
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