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Catsuit Controversy: British Blogger Susie Bubble Chastised for Fitting Room Photos

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One of the offending images
One of the offending images

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Beloved London fashion blogger Susie Bubble, who regularly runs pictures of herself pulling off completely wacky outfits, wandered into the designer Pam Hogg's store last week, tried on a catsuit, and took a photo in the dressing room. Then she went home and posted the shot on her blog, causing the Pam Hogg people to freak out. Writes Bubble,

I don't think I've ever felt quite so low as the point when they requested that I take down, calling it 'bad publicity' and basically making me feel like I had no right to wear that catsuit and not deemed worthy to go into her store or touch her clothes.
Hogg's people argue that Bubble violated intellectual property rights by posting a photo of an item she hadn't bought. Bubble, for her part, feels like the designer wouldn't have objected if she'd been someone famous and twig-shaped like Peaches Geldof, rather than a relatively normal woman-on-the-street. She complied with their demands to take down the post, but the rant she just published about the experience seems like infinitely worse publicity for Hogg—who, by the way, might know something about being an outsider, since she got her start in the British punk scene in the '70s.

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