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iPhrenzy: 3G S Hopefuls Camped Out at The Grove

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We're coming to you live from The Grove, where eager iPhone shoppers have been waiting since 7:00 last night to pick up Apple's new iPhone 3G S. Racked correspondent Keri Pina is on the scene; follow along as the madness unfolds.

6:29am: No one is lined up at the store. There are two lines formed down by Banana Republic and American Girl, one for purchase and the other for standby (people who didn't pre-order)

6:30: The standby line is waaay shorter. Purchase line is around the block! Second dude in line said he got here at 2:30am.

6:35am: First guy in the standby line has been here since 7pm yesterday!

6:39am: Some Apple dudes just rolled up with jugs of Coffee Bean coffee.

6:42am: Overheard: "But I already BOUGHT my coffee! Fuck shoes!"

6:43am: There are about 60 or 70 people in the purchase line now, mostly scruffy dudes

6:44am: Oh, they're moving the line to the front! Everyone is so orderly and calm, Apple fans are so well behaved.

6:48am: There isn't really any press here this time, just Apple folks snapping pics

6:48am: A few people have their iPhones out, and there were jokes in line about hoping the wait was worth it for upgrades, so I'm getting the impression this isn't everyone's first time doing this.

6:49am: They're letting people in 10 minutes early! Everyone cheered so loud when they let the first guy in, very sweet.
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