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iPhrenzy: The First Activations at The Grove

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We're coming to you live from The Grove, where eager iPhone shoppers have been waiting since 7:00 last night to pick up Apple's new iPhone 3G S. Racked correspondent Keri Pina is on the scene; follow along as the madness unfolds.

6:55am: The line is totally calm and everything is running smoothly. It looks like the staff to customer ratio is about 3:1

6:56am: They are only letting in 15 people at a time from the two lines to line up at the store, and from that line they let in maybe two or three every five minutes—the first guy who went in is still in there.

7:01am: First two activated customers just walked out together! Took about ten minutes from start to finish. They said they already tweeted about it.

7:04am: Was it worth it? "Hell yes!!"

7:06am: The first two are getting interviewed by KNX and LOVING it. They are playing with the video camera and geeking out.

7:10am: A worker says she doesn't know how many phones they got and there's "no way of knowing" whether they'll sell out today or not.

7:15 am: There are now about 60 people lined up in front of the store, about 20 people in the standby line, and the purchase line is completely wrapped around Banana Republic—about 80 peeps, I'd say. They're gonna be here a while.
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