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Eagle Rock's Indie Businesses Call in the Artists

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The plight of Eagle Rock's independent business owners hasn't just caught the attention of the New York Times—it's also spurred a group of local artists to action. The Times article linked above made such an impression on non-profit Outpost for Contemporary Art that it became the basis for this year's Intersection, an annual public art project. Their mission? Enlist artists to direct their creativity towards finding "useful solutions" for the downtrodden businesses.

The fruits of their efforts have just been revealed, taking pride of place in boutiques, cafes and patches of sidewalk at the intersection of Eagle Rock and Colorado Boulevards. Some are practical (like a make-your-own-coffee-cup project at Swork), while some a little more educational (like a graphic depiction of the energy used by the area's businesses, hanging in a Peruvian restaurant). But our personal favorites are the more off-the-wall ideas, like a musical instrument corner set up inside the Rockin' Kids Shop, where the childrens' songs will be recorded and sold under the banner of 'experimental music'. We kind of doubt any of the projects will actually boost business in the long-term, but at the very least, they're undoubtedly causing a renewed curiosity among the locals.
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