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Apple, Sliced

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Now that they've announced all their new inventory, Apple needs to clean out the old merchandise, which means it's time for a rare Mac sale. Reports Gizmodo: "Apple stores have discounted nearly every MacBook in stock, and while the markdowns aren't huge, they're worth a look: MacBook Airs have been discounted anywhere from $400 to $800, which means the previous base model is now $100 cheaper than the most affordable new version. The 2.66GHz 17-inch MacBook Pro is discounted by $500, bringing it below the new model's $2500 starting price. 13-inch unibodies get $100-$300 markdowns, which, given the latest units' advantages, might not be worth it." They caution that the deals vary from store to store, so call ahead just in case. [Gizmodo]


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