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Brüno Expands His Brand to Facebuch, Meinspace

Image via <a href="">Bruno</a>/MySpace
Image via Bruno/MySpace

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First, Sacha Baron Cohen's Brüno character launched a movie-promoting "Tvitter," which broadcast such vital updates as "Errrghhh!! Should have vaited a bit before brushing mein teeth - ich HATE ze taste of lube mit toothpaste!" Now, the world's most fabulous fictional Austrian has conquered the rest of the social networking universe, launching a "Facebuch" page and a truly genius "Meinspace" profile. Highlights of the latter include a pulsing techno soundtrack, revealing autobiographical details (Brüno was Austria's first bulimic!) and a list of friends with names like Keith Trent D'Arby and Kreisssler. It also includes many photos of a half-naked Baron Cohen, making us wonder how much he worked out for the role.
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