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The Hundreds: From Law School to Fairfax

Image via the <a href=",0,7149456.photogallery?index=2">LAT</a>
Image via the LAT

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Fairfax street wear mainstay the Hundreds gets the front-page treatment in the LA Times business section today. We learned many things from the profile, including the fact that the LAT doesn't trust its readers to know the definition of street wear ("casual clothing aimed at quasi-underground subcultures such as skaters and hip-hop fans"—thanks, guys), and the fact that Hundreds founders Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar met in law school.

But our favorite part of the story is the brand's relationship to its blog. According to Kim, when he began blogging in 2003, "People thought I was just corny and it was pretty nerdy to have a blog you wrote on every day." They still update much more diligently than your average shop, but the idea of blogging skater kids no longer seems quite as unlikely. Also, on Friday they posted this heart-melting photo of a squish-faced dog, so who's corny now?
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