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Impossible: Thom Browne Skirt Suit Sold Out on Gilt

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Yesterday, we wrote about some of the, ah, interesting Thom Browne styles currently on sale at Gilt Groupe. At that time, the offerings included a very strange skirt suit priced at $1,288. Today, the look is sold out on the site. Writes a reader:

I know you all already reported on this yesterday, but now that Thom Browne skirt suit on Gilt Groupe is sold out. I simply cannot believe ANYONE would've spent $1,288 on this laughable construction. Mr. Browne's designs are already borderline absurd, and creations like this push them over into Emperor-has-no-clothes ridiculousness. Perhaps the "Sold Out" sticker was slapped on it just to save face?
Or perhaps we'll be seeing this look out on the streets very soon. Note: Men, you still have a day and a half to snap up some of Browne's other fancy looks.
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