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Y-3's "Tube Spant" Proves We're Living in a Brave New World, Pants-Wise

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Something terrible happened to pants recently. Where everyone used to be worried primarily about how their jeans looked from behind, now fashionable types are forced to ask themselves questions like "Is the drop crotch on my harem pants so low that I can't walk?" and "Why do all these blogs keep trying to get me to buy a leotard when no one will be able to see it unless I pull a full Lady Gaga?" and "What exactly is a 'tube spant'?"

Luckily, Racked NY is here to answer that last question. A tube spant, apparently, is a "double layer perforated wool jersey gauze asymmetrical culotte with one extra oversized and draped pant and one smaller [with an] internally attached legging with a drawstring closure." It's just the thing to wear out on the town when your date is sporting a Thom Browne skirt suit.
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