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Rejoice! Mindy Kaling Updated Her Shopping Blog

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Our favorite celebrity shopping blogger, The Office's Mindy Kaling, stopped updating her site in January, disappointing fans and prompting posts titled things like "Bring Back the Blog!" on her IMDB message board. We were saddened as well, but we figured she had a lot on her plate, what with the acting and writing and producing and choreographing chair-dance routines with Ed Helms. Still, we're pleased to report that she's returned to form today with a post about the pitfall-laden process of buying summer t-shirts. An excerpt:

The thing with buying tees is that you can get hoodwinked big time and end up spending $180 on a single shirt at some boutique. That’s craziness. Even with all my millions and millions in GE stock options I would never spend that kind of money on a t-shirt. In fact, I think the “Guy wearing the $180 tshirt” is a caricature of an LA type that we should all try to avoid. The shrewd thing to do is to identify the tshirts you like early on on or, and then wait a few months until they go on sale.
So wise! She recommends three shirts: A sheer gray Kain number, a striped shirt from Trina Turk, and a houndstooth top from Monrow that "makes you look like Gwen Stefani."
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