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Above the Fray: Stephanie Pratt Causes Delays at Rebecca Minkoff

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One danger of shopping sample sales in Los Angeles: You never know when a cast member of The Hills is going to hold up the line. The fashion blogger behind Clothes, Cocktails and California hit up the Rebecca Minkoff sale on West Third Street this morning. She eventually bought a red leather "Morning After" bag, but first she came across Stephanie Pratt, sister of Spencer, who was taking her sweet time choosing between purses:

She held up the line while making her decisions, and eventually bought a 3 morning after bags - a yellow leather one, a tie-dyed blue one, and a black and white tweed one, as well as a wallet. She then showed off the bag she was wearing to the clerks, which apparently she designed herself. It was black leather, sort of circular, with a silver chain shoulder strap. Oh lord.
The shopping sounds like it might have been better than the celebrity-spotting: There was a huge selection of Morning After and Nikki bags for the pricey-but-not-insane cost of $325-$350, plus a box of brown/cream Devote totes that were going for $100 each because the colors were running.
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