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Lineblogging: Crowds Turn Out for Matthew Williamson's Second H&M Launch

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When H&M debuted the first half of their collaboration with Matthew Williamson, it sold out of the Beverly Center store in seventeen minutes. Today, the second half arrives, and we're on hand to document the madness. Join us for a liveblog, won't you?

9:15am: There are about 30 people in line so far, mostly women. I only see three men.

9:32am: I'm looking at the womenswear in the window display, and it looks like what we saw online—no big surprises. Am digging an olive green biker jacket with hot pink trim.

9:37am: Window prices reveal that this is kind of expensive for H&M. Two of the dresses are $200 a pop, my jacket is $100, the men's leather jacket is $250. Standard-issue jeans and t-shirts are more in line with normal prices.

9:41am: There are probably 50 people here now—they're adding extra rope to the barricade as I type. Most of the people in the crowd look like college kids, but I spot two chic little ladies with Chanel bags.

9:48am: Still only about ten guys here.9:52am: They just told us that there's no item limit for this collection, so if you didn't make it this morning, you can always check eBay.

9:53am: There's a second line forming by the far door—which might actually be faster if there's a traffic jam at this one.

9:54am: Overheard in line: "In ten minutes, our lives will change." Hope they're kidding.

9:58am: We're in! People are frantically grabbing everything they can.