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Above the Fray: M.Willy Inspires a Frenzy at the Beverly Center H&M

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We're live among the frenzied shoppers and psychedelic dresses that make up the launch of Matthew Williamson's second collaboration with H&M. Stick around as we avoid sharp elbows, dodge flying biker jackets, and do our best to document the scene.

10:00am: Someone is already complaining about people grabbing entire racks.

10:01am: As soon as a rack is empty, staffers come running in with more.

10:06am: People are finding corners to actually look at what they grabbed.

10:08am: Relative calm among the menswear.

10:09am: The security alarm has been going off nonstop since the doors opened. This is not promoting a relaxing shopping experience.

10:11am: The rails are still remarkably stocked. Staffers are doing a good job.

10:12am: Women are trading dresses, which seems neighborly until you realize that some people are holding clothes hostage til they find what they want. Overheard: "I'm not giving this up until I find my dress."

10:16am: People are auctioning off clothes in the fitting room.

10:21am: Most of the dresses, jackets, and other key pieces are gone, but a staffer says a lot should come back from the fitting rooms. Nothing is left in back stock.

10:25am: Except for the menswear! Still tons of that to choose from.