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Now Open: Origami Vinyl Draws a Crowd in Echo Park

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We take back all prior allegations of insanity regarding Neil Schield's decision to open a record store in the iPod era. Just an hour after it debuted this afternoon, Echo Park's Origami Vinyl was filled with more people than any store opening in our recent memory—and there wasn't even any free booze involved.This may come as a surprise to us, but not so for Schield. "I had a yard sale recently where I decided to sell a bunch of vinyl," explains the proud shopkeeper, who has dreamed of owning a record store since high school. "I was amazed by how many people were thumbing through the records that day. At the time, I'd just been laid off and then this space became available, so it just seemed like the perfect fit."

Along with store manager Sean Stentz, Schield has curated a wide-reaching collection of brand new vinyl, from classics (Pixies, Nirvana) to newer acts (Bon Iver, The Airborne Toxic Event) to guilty pleasure pop (Def Leppard, Rihanna). "We basically just picked what we like, what we grew up listening to, and what our friends like," sais Schield, adding that "the collection is ultimately going to evolve with what the neighborhood wants." In addition to selling tickets to The Echo / Echoplex / Spaceland, the shop will also team up with them to host release parties, meet & greets, and pop-up shops based on the shows that come through.

And, since no record shop story would be complete without the obligatory 'High Fidelity' reference, Schield was kind enough to tell us his Top 5 Favorite Records In the Shop. If you're compelled to debate them, stop by tonight's launch party, which will include performances by Wait. Think. Fast. and Nico Stai (oh, and this is where the booze comes in).

1. Slint, "Spiderland": "This is the record that inspired me to start going to tiny cafes to seek out bands"

2. Neil Young, "Harvest: "Because my parents named me after Neil Young"

3. The Beatles, "White Album": "It's such an interesting record...and my favorite Beatles song is on it (While My Guitar Gently Weeps)"

4. My Bloody Valentine, "Loveless": "Just a great record"

5. Metallica, "And Justice For All": "This was the first record I bought, in 7th grade"